whereas life is a free gift from God and whereas humans do nothing to earn it, when the time comes to give it back, do we have any right to complain? 

While the philosophers, even the wisest among them, wonder if death is the last sleep, a passage to a more glorious life or the final awakening to eternity, the Astute Dogged Born-Again, Believer already knows that the dead in the Lord shall rise, changed, at the blast of the trumpet (1 Cor. 15:52) which one are you: A philosopher or a Born-Again?

Late Madam Mayen Edem Udo Inyangabia popularly known and address as Eka Prof for the last 15 years of her life, was born to late Chief Udo Umoden and Madam Adiaha Umoden of Nung Assenie in Uyo itam village, Itam Clan in the present of Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. She was orphaned at a tender age, having Lost both parents before she could really know them personally. Her elder siblings grew her up.

Eka Prof had an excellent traditional education in the then reigning areas of human endeavor. Her teachers were experts in their various areas of specialization such as rural substance agriculture, pretty trading, weaving, hygiene, beautification, dancing and home management, among numerous other areas of applied indigenous knowledge, skills and technology. These area of home-grown education, Eka Prof applied perfectly well during her lifetime to direct her life, guide her family, groom the youths and provide leadership to other women as Eka Iban.


The young maiden Mayen Umodem was a rare piece of beauty and elegance;she was a bundle of transparent morality and unparalleled intelligence. The beautifully ebullient girl’s diligence and her other highly valued qualities became very glaring while serving her senior sister at her matrimonial home . Mayens qualities became legendary and attracted diverse suitors while taking care of her elder sister. She finally choose the one that deserved her most, a great grandson of the then popular traditional field Marshall, the late chief Edem Udo Akpan Ekpo Udiodiong Ebu Inyangabia of Nung Obio Unek, Ikot Andem Itam, to whom she remained eternally faithful till death. The marriage yielded one son, others having died as babies.

The late Sister Mayen Edem Udo (Eka Prof), our mother, Mother-in-law, grandmother and great grandmother started her Christian life early, her level of literacy notwithstanding. She and her late husband, chief Edem Udo Akpan were among the first set of members of the Church of Christ in the village. She was deeply involved in and contributed significantly to the pioneering efforts that planted the church of Christ in Ikot Andem Itam. Her inability to read and write did not deter her from memorizing some inspiring tunes and Bible verses that guided her spiritual life during her sojourn here on earth. Prayers and praises never departed From her mouth.

Eka Prof was a full-time peasant farmer and a part time petty trader. All edible crops, in the community, especially cassava, maize and pumpkin, were found in her small plots of farmland scattered in different sections of the community at different seasons and times of the year. Quite often she hired Labour to work in the farms. That is one reason why she never suffered hunger but always had food enough and to spare. She always encouraged the younger ones to cultivate. Her oil palm trees are still yielding handsomely. Even at old age she still kept domestic animals and still leased out some to trusted people around. Surplus produce from these farms and the palm fruits were the major trade items.

Eka Prof was an illustrious virtuous woman of no mean repute. She was a family person who, with loving tender care, approached issues with peace and accepted humans as they are. No matter how thorny issues were, her loving tender approach mellowed them down with harmony. She was the Eka Ofriowo (mother-to-all) not just because she was the reigning Queen, being the first wife of the late Chief Edem Udo Akpan but more practically by mothering all who cared.
Ralph Emerson’s observation that “humans are what their mothers make them” translated into reality in her life by producing the first Professor in the community. This catapulted her name change from Eka Teacher Moses to Eka Pro, a name she held exclusively, without any rival, for the last 15 years of her life.

On Thursday May 26, 2016 as if she had the premonition, she thanked God, prayed for and blessed her only son, family and occupation more profusely than ever before. On Monday may 30,2016 she took I’ll and was taken to treatment at the University of Calabar teaching hospital. On 5th June 2016, the world environment day {WED), Eka prof. Passed on gloriously at 4:55 pm, soon after some of her grand and great grandchildren blessed with the song:thy will be done.
To God be all the glory for ever and ever in Jesus Name. May the soul of sister Mayen Edem Udo(Eka Prof) find eternal rest in the Lord until he comes.
She is survived by one son, a daughte-in-law, many great grandchildren,a co-wife and many step children, grand and great grand step – children, In-laws, nephews, nieces, friends, among numerous others to celebrate her life here on earth and her glorious passage to eternity.

A celebration song of passage
To a deserving mother (Eka prof)
Eka prof! You were a loving mother ;
In all respect, a deserving mother ;
To all and sundry, par excellence, a mother.
To greatness from my cradle you mothered.
Overcoming the pangs, youthful prangs and the foibles
From storm and stress, youthful exuberance, the troubles
Your only begotten child, the dotted one, but unspoilt.
Echoes of hard work, strength of purpose, you mothered.
Courage, godliness, truthfulness, daily song, you muttered, leading to the pinnacle of my profession, you suffered. 

From five and six pence to one pound ten, yearly you offered.

Co-operative society, the thrift and savings, your passion.
Uniforms and feeding, love, warmth ‘for my son’ your fashion.
Fifteen solid years you have stood, Eka Prof you’re alone in fashion.
Your trust, hope and stay was God, relations and good education.

My life, to God your prayers daily offered and muttered.
Your wishes, your life your love to me you daily offered.
From detractors, rival and gossips, ‘one was as good as none’,
Yet, from your heart you knew ‘one is better than none’,.

To your unshakable faith: A full hive starts with a bee.
Dismay! Under God to their taunting tongues, it shall be.
To the mockers, detractors, and gossips tongue-tied it shall be.
A lonesome apartment generating a Battalion of a kind, it shall be.

From the rejected one you lived to see, the corner stone, it has been.
Amazed! Amazed!! Amazed!!! Terribly amazed they have been!
Your life, a wonder to many, for you were and are with God.
Till we are charged. Adieu! Great Mother Adieu!! Adieu!!!

Prof. Moses Inyang-Abia (The Crown Prince)


The Inyang-Abias worldwide are wholeheartedly thankful to and eternally appreciative of the Almighty God, the only controller of the atmospheric elements, for the clement weather and journey mercies. All Ministers of the Gospel and all true lovers of the Lord, especially those of the Church of Christ extraction, are highly appreciated for the various roles they played before and during this wonderful passage ceremony.

All the In-laws, the Ikohs, the Ekekes, the Ikhuorias, and In-laws in the waiting, from different parts of Nigeria and beyond are highly acknowledged. The University of Calabar Community, both staff and students, Messembe Community, Uyo Itam Community, Ikot Andem Itam Community and the different Development Associations, the Creek Town Community, Oku Iboku Community and the entire Akwa Ibom Community, we are thankful for your presence.

To everyone who, through prayers, telephone calls, text messages, Facebook and other digital and electronic means, through financial, temporal, and material gifts, contributed to the success of these passage ceremonies, we appreciate you all. May God grant all of us journey mercies.

Prof. Moses E. Inyang-Abia
(For the family)


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