life is but a breath, a shadow, like a morning dew, like a beautiful flower seen and admired today but tomorrow no more. Yes, it is true: life itself is a great school and anything that inspires through is a great Teacher. The fear of the Lord is the foundation of life, to depart from the snares of death.
Death has been variously described as most often to underscore the intensity of emotional impact in individuals, groups, communities, families and friends to whom the departed shared with the one still lucky to be living. Amongst the various shades of meaning, the most eloquent in terms of capturing the very essence of reality of the incidents is when it is stated as the act of physical end of an individual from amongst the living. Death underscores the finality or end of an individual on earth. When this happens the affected is suffused in a melancholy while the deceased has no reaction to any action or speech, expresses no sentiments, entertain no fear, observes neither antagonist, aggressive or boycott, appreciates no gift with verbal countenance, engages neither in incrimination of reciminate actions and take no personal decisions in matters of personal, lineage, social, academic, political or others no matter how important.

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Late Mrs Ekei Fernando Bassey (ADIAHA-ADIAHA) was born on 25th September, 1969 to the family of late Chief Itam Eyo Bassey of Mbom Bori Otung clan, Creek Town and Madam Bassey Otu Effiom of Etta Okon Messembe Otu family, Adiabo Ikot okpa Creek Town. All in Odukpani Local Government Area in Cross River State.

Adiaha Adiaha as she was fondly called by her parents and her admirers had her early primary education at Brotherhood Primary School, 34 Ambo Street Calabar and obtained her First school Leaving certificate (FSLC) ON 1983. She proceeded to the Ancient School of the Presbyterian Church, in Duke Town for her Secondary school education and obtained the Senior School Certificate (SSCE) in 1989.
Being a beautiful damsel, her late husband, Fernando Bassey took her hand in Marriage and were relocated to Akwa Ibom State. With the aid of her late husband and one of her good friend who was like a sister to her in the person of Late Mrs Rose Ntukidem, she encouraged her to enroll into National Teachers Institute (NTI) where she had her first professional certificate, Teacher Grade II in 1994, but she lost her husband after a few years. Not minding the difficulties and challenges of life as a single mother, she furthered her education and obtained National Certificate of Education (NCE) in the year 2000.

Since Adiaha-Adiaha had delved fully into teaching profession, she updated herself by enrolling in Distance Learning Programme with the University of Calabar in 2004 and graduated in 2008 with Second Class Upper (B. Edu). As a professional teacher, her first posting was to Government Primary School, Ayadehe, Oku Iboku. She taught in so many school, including Government Primary school, Ikot Uso Akpan, Government Primary school, West Itam, Government Primary School, Mbak Atai Itam and others. She was finally posted to her late husband village school, Government Primary school, Ikot Andem Itam where she taught till her death. 

Adiaha-Adiaha as a single mother was very industrious, to meet up with the school demands of her children, she went into poultry farming, training and became a qualified poultry farmer, a part time business she did till death.

K. E. as she was called by loved ones was a social lady. She was honest, simple and as a trained teacher, she was a great disciplinarian. ADIAHA-ADIAHA was so understanding, approachable that she was loved and admired by persons who come by her. She was social with a pleasant disposition. She took part in many social functions and belonged to quite a number of social groups and organizations in the family she was married into, the village, local government and state in general. She fully participated in Nung Akpafia family, Women Association, Ladies Teachers Association and lots more. As a grass-roots mobilizer and social crusader for justice and good governance, she played an active role in Ward 5 East Itam II in Itu Local Government, the position she held till her death.

Mma Bassey was a beautiful young girl that attracted her late husband, Fernando Joseph Bassey of Nung Akpafia Family in Ikot Andem Itam, Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state. He sought and caught her hand in marriage in 1990, with the consent of her late father. The marriage was blessed with four (4) children; 3 Males and a female.



Adiaha-Adiaha was born into Christian family of parents. She later joined the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star under the tutelage of her late husband as a choir master. She loved singing and as a good chorister, she sang and competed in so many competitions and won laurels and trophies, for herself and the church. At a time, she led the Brotherhood Central Choir to win a competition organized by the Cross State Government during, Commander Ibim Princewill Administration for Churches in Cross River State.
After the demise of her late husband, her quest for God took her to Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom where she served the Mahanta till her death.

Death is a necessary end to every mortal. Some mortals sleep early, but some sleep late. It is believed that every mortal created by God must go to sleep.
Adiaha-Adiaha illness came barely 24hrs, every effort humanly possible by her children and others to make sure that Adiaha-Adiaha live on here on earth was futile. Since the creator decided otherwise for her to come and live on the other side where pains, sorrows, sickness, are no longer there, who are we to question Him. On the early hours (8am) of Sunday 22 July, 2018, she passed on to her creator in the hospital. She will be greatly missed.

She left behind many relations to bid her farewell.

Wisdom Fernando Bassey
Victor Fernando Bassey
Edwin Fernando Bassey

Peace Fernando Bassey

Madam Bassey Otu Effiom

Madam Hannah Joseph Bassey

Engr. Eyo Itam Eyo
Frances Ekpenyong Okon
Eyo Bassey Itam
Antigha Itam Eyo

Mr. Nathaniel J. Bassey
Mrs. Isabella Paul
Mrs. Maria Ekong Ekong
Mrs. Theresa Joseph Nsebong
Mr. Liberty Joseph Bassey
Mrs. Promise Joseph Bassey

Though words may at this time fail me in conveying all, there is in me eulogy, as it may be, I write to tell the world about the heroine you were. You were more than a mother to me, my number one confidant, my motivator, my mentor, friend, pastor, teacher personalities you graciously took up when necessary.
I called you Eka Mi because aside God’s love, your love for me was overwhelming, not for me only but for any one you had an opportunity to spread your love to. You were a self sacrificing woman, always putting the needs of others above yours. A woman of no mean repute with an outstanding character and duly you had taught us to follow suit under your tutelage. By your nurturing and admonition, I have grown to become the man i am today. I am grateful for the times you scolded me just just to make me better, those times you taught me example to be hard walking and for those times you moulded me with love into the main i am today. Those prints you lift on the sands of times will be forever indelible. Yes, life goes on, but it’s sad that it has to go on without you. It’s sad that you didn’t reap the fruit of your Labour nor see your children reach the height you had always desired for they will. But i know there is a crown that awaits you which outweighs all of all what life ever had to offer.

Many may never comprehend the mystery behind your departure but i am certain that it is a transition to a better place where there is no more pain. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “it is a long walk to freedom” as much as we miss you here, we are glad that you are at rest with your father away from all the bustles of life, even though quite untimely.

With heavy heart i stand today yet with shoulders high as a proud son of a wonderful, strong and great woman, and grateful to God for such divine Orchestration making me your son. I thank God for the privilege of sharing in your life….. You’ll will forever live in our hearts.

I am proud you were my mum
I love you always
Live on sweet mum and goodbye
Your loving Children

Edwin and
Peace Fernando.

The entire family of Late Fernando Bassey sincerely appreciate God Almighty for his blessings, mercies and faithfulness throughout the period of this Memorial service, after a colorful and victorious life of our beloved mother.

We appreciate you all for your support which came through phone calls, messages, letters, Visits and several other forms.

We specially thank ECKANKAR NIGERIA for giving us their love and support.

Finally, we acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable assistance we enjoyed from our inlaws, friends, relations and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

We pray God Almighty to exceedingly bless and reward you all and lead you back.

May the Blessings be!

Wisdom Fernando Bassey
For the family.


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