Church Of Christ Familiar Choruses

* Magnify the Lord with me, exalt the name of Jesus

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* Praise God hallelujah,

* We give you all the glory, honor,

* We are saying thank you Jesus,

* Yak ikwo Yak idara

* Jesus edi otu ekong mi, eyedi edidem ubong

* Meyene Jesus, ke idem mmi,

* Ete nyin ke enyong, imokpone enying fo itono erong ino fi

* yak mme ndima Obong enyene idorenyin

* Yak ubong, *2 enyene Ete, eyen.

* Ubong *2 hallelujah3, yak ubong Abasi akakaiso

* Praising the Lord always

* That wonderful name, Jesus *3 there is no other name i know

* He’s alive amen *2 my Jesus is alive forever

* It is a great thing to serve the Lord

* He can never never *3 Jesus the same forever

* Nte afo amema Jesus (resp)

* Ami mama Jesus *3 Koro enye akebem iso ama mi

* Ima…… *6 Ima Abasi, Ima enyene nyo

* It is a great thing to serve the Lord

*Usung isang mi

*Kot enying oro

*Annem aneke Annem o, *2 mma nkap nkot enying Obong nyin Jesus

*Enying Jesus erong eyetongo

*Owo akekande eyesine ata ediyie afia ofong idem kidem

*Idung edemeyong owo iyomke utin

*Nothing i think

*I want to walk

*Don’t let anybody turn you round

*I know my God and my God knows me

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* Sana ima ima yong

* Usen amakem ayayong akakenam ibat utom fo..

* Usen ima ke owo akeyene

🎆come o sinners come o

🎆But inamke mi ye gospel Christ.

🎆the voice of salvation is calling you today

🎆Repent *2 o sinners Repent of your sin

🎆Are you in the number?

*Yak ekukpa mba kedinam eti mkpo

*Rescue thy saint oh Lord

*Nyin iyom isong emi ofonde ama

*In heaven u r the Lord,
Jehovah u’re the most high God

*something more than gold

*Vanity upon vanity

* I feel good good

*every thee must bow

*Hallelujah emaeyaha mi

*Thank you+2 Lord, thank u Lord, thank u Lord for everything you have done

*We are saying thank you Jesus, thank you my Lord,.

*Eyak ikwo eyak idara kuwak mfon fo ye nyin

*Anem aneke anem, mma nkap nkwot enyin Obong nyin Jesus

*okoneyo nnade nna kubok fo papa kama. Kama kama

*Enyin Jesus erong eyetono

*Alpha Omega

*Ntefo amama Jesus ehh mama

*Oh that day i remember that day, I’ll never forget that day

*Emmanuel, (resp) we gather here to praise your name

*It is a great thing to serve the Lord

* Have thy way oh Lord in my life

* I thank you Lord for giving me the grace to see today

* Immortal God invisible God, immortal God how great thou are,

* The most excellency is Jesus, shout hallelujah amen..

* Every living soul, every living soul Praise the Lord

* You are worthy o Lord,

* You are worthy Lord *5

* Come and join me sing hallelujah, jehovah nisi as it well

* Amanam eyen Abasi ayeeeee
Amanam eyen Abasi Amanam sosongo


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