The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. Psalm 112:6
To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heavens. A time to be born and a time to die. Eccl. 3:1-2

LATE Hon. (Apostle) Prince Ime Udoh was born October 28, 1939 to the Uwah Udo Eduok dynasty in Nung Mbuk Royal Family in Ikot Andem Itam, Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state. The father was Chief Okon Uwah Udoh and the mother, Madam Nkoyo Okon Udoh (Nne Nkoyo Edet) from Ema Itam, Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state., Nigeria. He was the first son and the Crown Prince of this Traditional Royal family.

Prince Ime Okon Uwah attended the then Church of Scotland Mission School, West Itam 1, now the Presbyterian School, West Itam 1 and Igbo Union Primary school, Kano,. He sat and passed his first school Leaving certificate examination in 1954 after which he proceeded to Igbo Union Grammer School, Kano for his Secondary Education. He also sat and passed the West African School Certificate in 1959.
Through self tuition and the help of the Repid Result College, London, he earned the Advanced Deploma of the British Institute of Commerce, London, in 1961.
Hon. Price Ime Udoh read widely with great rapidity. He spoke, read and wrote Efik/Ibibio, Housa and English Languages very well.


Prince Ime Udoh started work as a Clerk in Shell BP (Nig.) Ltd. Kano, and Was later promoted to a Depot Supervisor. He served the company in Kano, Zaria, Lagos and Port Harcourt. In 1972, he resigned his appointment with Shell BP and relocated to Calabar to establish the famous Atlantic Agency (Nig.) Ltd, a commercial firm and a major distributor of Dunlop and Philip Morris (West Africa) products. 

I’m 1976, Hon. Prince Ime Udoh was appointed a Director in the Multi-billion pound PORT MAN STEEL LTD. in London. This position exposed and carried Prince Ime Udoh to several countries around the world. His expertise in Commerce and business earned him a visible role in the Calabar Chambers of Commerce, of which he was among the first batch of delegates from the chamber to undertake industrial tour of Great Britain and Europe.

Hon. (Apostle). Prince Ime Udoh resigned his appointment as Director Portman Steel LTD.., London in 1979 to have a bite at politics. He played politics with passion and dignity. Prince Ime Udoh contested 1979 general election into the Cross River State House of Assembly winning with over whelming majority to represent Itam State constituency.
In the House of Assembly , he was appreciated by his colleagues as a man of integrity, a-go-getter and a colossus; hence he was elected the Chief whip of the NPN in the House of Assembly (1979 – 1983). Prince Ime Udoh as Chief whip added colour and finesses to legislative debates. Prince equally served as Chairman Rural Development Committee of the House. In 1981, Hon. Prince Ime Udoh was one of the selected Parliamentarians sponsored by the Federal Government for Legislative leadership course in the USA to study the Presidential System of Government for three months. At the creation of Akwa Ibom state, Hon. (Apostle) prince Ime Udoh remained a vocal political player. In 1999 he was elected vice Chairman of Africa’s largest political party – the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He was also Chairman of Uyo Senatorial District of this great Party, (PDP).

Late Hon. (Apostle) prince Ime Udoh was born into a Christian family who worshipped in the Church of Scotland Mission, (now Presbyterian Church of Nigeria) but later in life he changed his faith to Redeemed Sanctified Zion Church INC, Uyo where he was ordained a Rev. Minister; due to his commitment to the things of God. Again for personal reasons, he changed his faith and embraced the Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church, Uyo where he served in various committees of the Church.
To God be the Glory by the Divine Choice he was ordained an Apostle of Christ of the Mount Zion light house full gospel church, where he fellowship until his demise.

Late Hon. (Apostle) prince Ime Udoh was happily married and blessed with children.

Late Hon. (Apostle) Ime Udoh was an amiable and peace loving man.
He was generous and hence cherished by people. He served the society / community as :

i. National president, Ikot Andem Itam Development Association. During his tenure., Community Secondary Commercial School Ikot Andem Itam was established. He also attracted Rural electrification to Ikot Andem Itam during his tenure.

ii. Deputy village head, Ikot Andem Itam till his demise in 2014.

iii. Chairman, Marketing Committee of Nigeria chamber of Commerce and industries 1976.

iv. In 1983 he was honored by Itu TRC as Adaha Itu till date.

v. Member, Institute of construction industries Arbitrators.

vi. President-General, Ibibio national Union.

vii. Patron, Police public relations committee, Itu.

viii. Holder of certificate of honour by Itam student Association, UNICAL, in recognition of his lofty contributions to the growth of Itam generally (10th May, 1986).

ix. Appointed by the Religious International Federation for World Peace of UNESCO as an AMBASSEDOR FOR PEACE.

The journey of the glorious exit of Late Hon. (Apostle) prince Ime Udoh started a few years back, when his health started waning. This was complicated by diabetes and hypertension.
Despite several expert interventions by specialists, death came knocking. On the 17th April, 2014 he passed on peacefully in the present of his siblings.

He survived by :

Samuel Ime Udoh.
Ime Ime Udoh
Akan Ime Udoh
Shalom Ime Udoh
Anthony Ime Udoh

Helen Ime Udoh

Tribute to our Father
How do we begin the story of a great man?
Papa you were a great man who stood for truth not minding who was hurt.You chastised us when doing wrong not minding when and where. 

We saw you as a very stern father but today we thank God for who you were.
We are consoled by your legacies, your transparency, courage and counseling.
Our success story would not have been completed without your contribution. You were the best father we could ever have; we stand tall to say you have answered the call of God at appointed time.
We will forever miss you.
Adieu Papa!

Your Children.

On behalf of the family of Late Honourable (Apostle) prince Ime Udoh, we wish to express our appreciation to the Almighty God for seeing the family through the obsequies of their Last father, brother, uncle, grandfather, political leader and spiritual father, successfully.

Our special thanks go to Diocese Superintendent, Bishop A. I. Johnson, JP and other men of God of Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church from Across Akwa Ibom state for the sure interest, support and conducting a beautiful service for one of their own Apostles.

We say thank you to members of the Cross River and Akwa Ibom state legislatures for honoring one of their kind in such a magnificent way. Their eloquent testimonies and eulogies were things of Joy, admiration and pride for the family.

The Executive Governor, His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom state with his government was magnanimous to the family in many ways. We thank him sincerely. We extend our gratitude to the chairman, supervisors, and counselors of Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state.

Obong Paul Ekpo, Chairman of the state chapter of PDP deserves a big mention for rallying his party and entire PDP family in Itu Local Government Area to render all assistance possible to the deceased family and constituency. It is not possible to recall all those good persons who went out of their way to render assistance to the family. The assistance may have been in kind or financial. To such individuals, we say thank you. We thank the PDP women forum, Itu chapter for mobilizing the forum members for our success.

We want to acknowledge in particular the immense contributions of Itu sons and daughters as well as the immediate family members. They exceeded expectations in their outpouring of love. Thank you our dear Patriots.

We cannot forget members of the planning committee who worked tirelessly to make the burial rites come through right and fine. God bless all of you.

Finally, that that you came to share in our grief is a good measure of love for the deceased and his family.

Thank you.
We pray for your safety as you return home.

His Highness,
Obong Professor Efana J. Usua
Chairman, planning committee


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