Trending News: Another New Deadly Virus Hit China And Kill 1 Person


Another deadly virus has been discovered in China as a man died in a bus. After he was tested, it was disclosed that he has Hantavirus (orthohantavirus).

What is Hantavirus & How it transfers to People :

Hantavirus is a disease that affects both the area of the lung and the kidneys.

A human being can get the virus when he or she comes into contact with a rodent’s faeces or urine carrying the virus.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention states,

“Rodent infestation within and around the home remains the primary risk of exposure to hantavirus”.

If exposed to the virus, even healthy people are at risk for HPS infection.

Unlike Coronavirus which can be transferred from person to person, Hantavirus can’t be transmitted from another person.

The only way you can get this virus is if you touche your eyes, nose or mouth after touching rodent droppings, urine or nesting materials.


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