UK Pastor Shares A Heart Touching Message With The World After Recovering From Corona Virus (VIDEO


Pastor Recovers From COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit, Shares This Message With The World

A UK pastor who declared the Jesus Christ is his healer, while confined to an intensive care unit as he battled for his life against COVID-19 has finally reunited with his family.

Mark McClurg, the pastor of Newtownards Elim Church, took to Twitter on March 24 to announce he had contracted COVID-19 and calling on people to pray for the healthcare staff.

Pastor Mark McClurg with family - COVID-19

While fighting for his life in the hospital, Mark still managed to share a message of hope to his viewers. On a video, he shared a scripture from Isaiah 26:20 saying that this virus will pass.

“Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by.” -Isaiah 26:20.

“This is an encouragement to stay inside for a little while,” McClurg implored. “Coronavirus will pass, but you must stay in.”

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McClurg then went on to talk about his love for the local church community that has been holding him up in prayer.

“What I’ve loved over the last week is that my church family has been praying for me. Thank you so much for praying,” he said.

“I belong to Jesus, I believe in Jesus, I love Jesus. I give him all the glory right now. Lord Jesus Christ — not only my saviour — he’s my healer. He’s real.”

On Sunday, Mark joyfully announced that he had overcome the coronavirus and was discharged from the hospital.


McClurg was later reunited with his family after self-isolating in a friend’s house where he hosted live online prayer sessions for the doctors and nurses of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

“I want to send out a message of hope, encouragement, and thanks,” he said.

“And I wanted to offer up prayers for the NHS, the doctors, and nurses on the frontline, as well as other key workers including retail staff, for providing us with food, and pharmacies for ensuring we have medicine.”

“I want to unite Northern Ireland with a message of hope.”


I’m finally home after #coronavirus #COVID2019 let’s give hope out today. Let’s get more people to see their families. Be kind




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